Ann Payne … a woman on a mission

Ann Payne is a woman on a mission to make a difference in the reggae/dancehall world. With all the negative connotations associated with some of the content going out on the airwaves in the name of music, Payne intends to make a difference, both as a producer and an artiste. 

That is not surprising considering that in the past she has worked with some of the best including the pillars of the business. 

“I had the opportunity work with one of Jamaica’s popular groups, the Clarendonians doing background vocals. It was such a honour,” she said of the foundation group originating out of a parish in Jamaica of the same name. The group is credited with hits such as You Can’t Be Happy, Rude Boy Gone A Jail, You Won’t See Me and Rudie Bam Bam.

“I have also worked with one of Jamaica’s legendary musician David madden, when he wrote and produced the hit single “Feel I’m in Heaven” which we released in 2013 and now ranked at #13 on the reverb nation chart,” said Payne who lives in Canada. 

She might be living in Toronto, but she has kept her fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in her homeland Jamaica.

Payne shared that she continues to work out of Jamaica by keeping in touch with her associates in the music business there. 

Not only is she releasing songs, but they are receiving good airplay especially on the international circuit in England and the United States. 

Among the songs she has recorded are Find Your Purpose, I Must Be Dreaming and Perfect Lover.

Payne who hails from Kingston, has always been a performer while attending primary school she could be found showcasing her talent at community events, later on her talent saw her performing at office events and even at her friends weddings. 

“I was always involved in music somewhat. At a young age I wanted to be an entertainer but as times go by I found that that was not the only thing I wanted to do, so I decided to go back to school and became a nurse. Years later I decided that I wanted to explore a different field, so left nursing and joined the civil service which I enjoyed,” she shared with The Caribbean Globe on her career paths. 

In 2007 after many years working in the civil service Payne decided that she wanted a change of scenery, so she moved to Canada where she met her husband.

Looking ahead, Payne is now working on putting materials together on her upcoming EP, but before that she has a single which will be released soon. 

If there is one dream that has not been fulfilled for her yet it is to someday owning a recording studio so that she can mentor young youths who love and want to do music. 

“I would love to be able to provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills so that they can make positive contributions to society,” she said.