Black girls who rock

It’s not easy to have a child and come back to your sport discipline and get back to the top. But if you are Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce who took a break in 2017 when she got pregnant with her first child Zyon you can!

The 32 year old took on the recently concluded World Athletics Championship and flew out of the blocks like the pocket rocket they dubbed her delivering the coveted gold to Jamaica…can anyone say proud, ecstatic, over the moon.

Fraser Pryce’s achievement was hailed by former American Sprinter Michael Johnson who referred to as the GOAT and he is right. 

Kudos this black girl who truly rocks!

Serena Williams

This talented super female is not called the GOAT for nothing. Since a teen, she has been defying the odds chalking up on accomplishment after another. Who would have thought that she could be pregnant and win a major championship during the process…here comes Olympia!

Serena is defying every logic as one of the oldest player in the game of tennis, having a baby and coming back … that in itself is a challenge. Although she has not won another championship she is still the best as she has made it to multiple finals. 

It is hoped that she will nail it one of these days, but if not it will take nothing away from her success…Serena Williams will always be for us the GOAT…this is one black girl who truly rocks!