Blak Ryno denies being involved in accident

Great PR stunt or lies? The Caribbean Globe must ask this question as after days of stories being written about dancehall artiste Blak Ryno being involved in an accident he has denied it.

The many sources close to the camp, his wife being distraught…the comments that he is coming on … more than three days for Ryno to do his fans a favour and stop the rumours … he didn’t. 

He has now taken to Instagram to distance himself from it all. 

 “Mi never even wa address the matter but had to. I could care less about who is out there trying to sabotage all the hard work and effort my team and I have been doing, But we do care about our supporters and their emotions and how this has affect them. So again we hundred over here and have life.”

In the video, you can see Blak Ryno without any scratches while surrounded by members of his entourage.

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