Canadian Government Turning To Social Media To Get Marijuana Data

The Canadian government will be using social media in an effort to gauge citizens’ opinions about legalized marijuana.

The federal government an outside contractor to help the government learn more about Canadians’ attitudes and behaviours when it comes to legalized cannabis.

The move will allow federal officials to get more in-depth data than they received from public opinion surveys.

Recreational marijuana becomes legal on October 17.

Marijuana legalization was part of the Liberals 2015 election platform.

The aim is to take black-market profits away from criminals, including organized crime.

But, given that this is unchartered territory for the country, the government is still gathering information to develop policies and procedures to best deal with issues such as policing, health and public awareness.

For example, the government hopes the effort will help it design communications strategies to address specific public safety risks, such as driving while high.