Canadian Organization Looking To Partner With Grass Roots Ganja Farmers in Jamaica.

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada and the countless debates across the Caribbean have left many wondering what will happen to the ‘little man’ who has been holding down the fort as it relates to marijuana cultivation.

How do the impending changes affect them? Do they stand to benefit?

The Caribbean Globe put those questions to Vivianne Wilson, co-founder for Cannabisja, the organization working with grass roots cannabis cultivators in Jamaica to provide them with access to sell cannabis products to the international market.

“What we want to ensure is that they are given access to this burgeoning industry and they’re able to truly benefit from it and the financial opportunities that it can offer these grass roots cultivators,” said Wilson.

Wilson says through Cannabisja, grass roots marijuana cultivators in Jamaica will be given access to the Canadian market. They will also be given financial support to set up or bolster their operations.

“We will be working with some of the collectives that are in Jamaica to ensure they are established … and they’re able to be a leader and a participant within the industry,” said Wilson.

She says they’re now working with community leaders in Westmoreland, Hanover and other western parishes to identify cultivators with whom they can forge partnerships.

Wilson says cultivators are encouraged to join the collectives within their communities to ensure the operation is professional, safe and represents Jamaica well internationally.

If you’re a grass roots marijuana cultivator or a collective that want to tap into the Canadian marijuana industry, visit for more information.