Chi Ching Ching Turning Tables with debut album

Having evolved from coining slangs and street dancing, international, Dancehall artiste, Chi Ching Ching released his debut album Turning Tables last Friday.

Chi Ching Ching asserts that the album has a global appeal, boasting a variety of mixes on the album, with a number of collaborations.

“It’s an album to make the world happy and to feel Chi Ching Ching’s vibes. It’s the story of Chi Ching Ching. The album is prepared for everybody. It has all different types of songs on it and it’s not just dance tunes; this album will show off who Chi Ching Ching really is,” he shares.

Sean Paul’s Duttyrock Productions released by the 15-track album which also chronicles some of Chi Ching Ching’s struggles and life story.

His story is reflected in the title Turning Tables. “It means that I am coming from nothing to something and I turn nothing into something,” shares Ching.

“At the end of the day, I have to give thanks for nothing, because nothing gives me the opportunity and the drive to go on to something,” Chi Ching Ching exclaims.

According to the dancehall performer, the album was long overdue, as he said, while touring overseas, he would meet individuals who were interested in his work, but could not get a compilation, as before, he had only released singles.

“From you are an artiste you are going to make an album. Chi Ching Ching has been around a long time and I feel like it is time to take it to another level,” the artiste expresses.

The culmination of over a year of effort, the album features collaborations with dancehall heavyweights Sean Paul and Bounty Killer. Ching said that he worked with the various artistes on the album, to bring different sounds and vibes.

Chi Ching Ching first came to national prominence, as a dancer towards the end of the last decade and has since flourished into a performer with songs such as Breadfruit (Roast or Fry)Way Up Stay Up, Rope, One Knock , Rock Di World , Crick Neck, and more .