Chris Gayle demands PPP/C candidate Ramson Jr retract statements about him

Chris Gayle
Cricketer Chris Gayle

Charles Ramson Jr, a candidate for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), has been sent a lawyer’s letter on behalf of international cricketer Chris Gayle, who has asked that he retract statements made about him at a political campaign meeting.

Ramson’s statements, which concern a visit made by Gayle to Linden during the People’s National Congress Reform’s celebration of its 62nd anniversary, were made at a January 30th public meeting at Alberttown.

The party is the main constituent of governing coalition partner APNU.

Ramson shared and endorsed on his personal Facebook page an online news item on the meeting.

However, in a letter dated February 4th, attorney Roysdale Forde, writing on behalf of Gayle, directs that Ramson should within 24 hours retract the “defamatory” statements, which are “not only totally false and untrue but seem calculated to subject [Gayle] to ridicule and portray him as being paid by a political party in Guyana to engage in work on its behalf.”

“As you are aware my client is an internationally recognized personality and cricketer and has carefully protected his brand and reputation especially by refusing to engage in public relations activities at the request of political parties,” the letter states, before adding that Gayle has engaged in a number of business ventures in Guyana, such as the promotion of a number of entertainment events, branded on his personality and persons in Guyana.

“Your statements are injurious to the financial success of these events and by extension necessarily to the said business undertaking of my client in Guyana and worldwide,” the letter concludes.

In October last year, Gayle visited the mining town in the company of party executive Joseph Harmon and several other party officials. He, however, maintained that he was simply participating in a community outreach and visiting a part of the country he had not been to before.

“I in no way, manner or form endorse or support any individual or political party in Guyana,” he said in a statement released days after the visit.

Referring to social media comments in relation to his presence in Linden, Gayle said that invited to Linden to participate in a community outreach.

“As a sports personality, I relish the opportunity to meet with my fans and also to reach out to any community under the neutral banner of sports. I am apolitical of any political commitment and strongly condemn attempts to tarnish my brand and personality,” he reiterated.