Chronixx returns with new music

This Friday (June 28), Jamaican reggae star Chronixx re-issues the deluxe edition of his seminal project, Dread & Terrible (via Soul Circle/Seed Distribution) on its five-year anniversary. 

This re-release contains 11 tracks such as his now-certified classics “Here Comes Trouble,” “Capture Land,”and “Spirulina.” Another standout is the previously unreleased “Jah Is There,” produced by Chronixx. The song was intended for Dread & Terrible, but did not make it in time for production. The introspective track is accompanied by an animated lyric video by artist Tom Kariv. 

Since Dread & Terrible broke into the Billboard Top 200 (#179) in August 2014 and topped the Reggae chart, Chronixx has become one of the most critically-acclaimed artists of the past five years while setting the tone for today’s generation of conscious reggae artists. Chronixx, born Jamar McNaughton, made his breakthrough television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in the summer of 2014. It was a pivotal moment that introduced American audiences to his wise lyrical stylings, and unprecedented both for reggae and the unsigned 22-year-old (at the time). DTPreminds him of a simpler time when he was starting his journey.  The pinnacle release was a prelude to his GRAMMY-nominated album Chronology (2017). 

“[Musically] I was at a crossroads where I could’ve said ‘I want to be this artist or that type of artist.’ I think choosing to go this path and represent something that could benefit a lot of people positively was the main experience I [had],” says Chronixx.