Clarendon Group making a difference

By Joan Wilson

There is a community in Clarendon called Crofts Hill … that has many looking on in wonder and amazement.

The team there give new meaning to unity and making things work as a group that is appropriately named – One Connection.
Whether it is feeding the vulnerable in Crofts Hill, stepping up their assistance for those who were hit hard by the hardships brought on by COVID-19 or pooling their resources together to build houses for the indigent, this group put hands and heart in making things happen.
One Connection – founded by Romaine Rowe became a reality following the loss of his father and the outpouring of love he received, both emotionally and financially.

This he said eased the financial strain on the funeral expenses.
Rowe decided to create a WhatsApp group to thank everyone … and before you know it became the centrestage for the One Connection Group which was officially launched in 2000.
Fast forward to 2020 and the group is even more vibrant and creating more of an impact with members from Crofts Hill, Canada, England, USA – you name it, as Rowe said, people love to align themselves with positive movements.
Another enviable movement from One Connection is that there is a ‘round robin’ kind of programme where construction is concerned. As Rowe explains it to The Caribbean Globe, “Anyone building a house, members of the One Connection family must contribute something 1 bag of cement and a contribution, plus they turn up to assist in the casting or the decking. Those who can’t make it, send a contribution of $2000,” he explained.
With the movement growing, it is just a matter of time, before this community becomes the envy of the entire Jamaica.