Collective societal approach needed to combat COVID-19 says Guyana Health Minister

Dr. Frank Anthony

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony is inviting volunteers to assist in Government’s nationwide COVID-19 education programme Operation COVI-CURB.

During Monday’s COVID-19 update with DPI, Minister Anthony said Operation COVI-CURB, which began approximately two weeks ago, has been received well, but now it needs to be taken a step further.

“We need volunteers. The COVID-19 Secretariat will work with them, give them basic education on how COVID-19 is transmitted and what can be done to prevent the transmission. We are willing to work with them and we will provide materials; T-shirts and hats for educators and face masks for distribution,” Minister Anthony said.

The Minister said he is concerned that many people are still not observing the COVID-19 guidelines as he hoped, evidence of which he found during a walkabout at the Plaisance Municipal Market on Sunday. As a result, the COVID-19 Secretariat has decided to solicit and train volunteers to take the knowledge back to their neighbourhoods to foster greater community responsibility.

Over the weekend, the Health Ministry collaborated with several other ministries and agencies to further educate the public on the dangers of COVID-19.

“It’s a whole governmental approach, but we want to move from this to a more society approach where everybody is involved,” Minister Anthony explained.

Government hopes that through Operation COVI-CURB transmission of the disease will decrease as more persons adhere to the precautions. The education exercises have been held in Regions Two, Four, Six and Ten to date.