Cornwall Artist’s Painting To Be Displayed in Parliamentary Dining Room


Cornwall, Ontario artist Carl Parker has reason to smile.  He just received word that his abstract piece, Rustic Place, has been selected to be displayed in the Ontario Provincial Legislature’s In Camera dining room as part of their Art a la Carte Program, an initiative that provides Ontario artists the opportunity to have their work featured in an exhibit for a one year period.

Asked about the piece, Parker explained that Rustic Place represents quintessential Ontario, “We work in world class cities and towns, with culture, dining, shopping that stand alongside New York, Paris or London, but on the weekends, in the summers, we’re never more than an hour or two away from some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, lakes, rivers, forests.  Those places, those rustic places, are where we recharge and renew our spirits.  We really do have the best of both worlds.”

The exhibition will run throughout 2019.