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I have been in a relationship with this man for the past five years and to tell the truth I feel like calling it quits. He is such a slob. I really can’t stand him. All he does in his spare time is drink beer, belch, pass loud gas and watch television.

I used to love him so much. In the early days we would go out together, have lots of fun and just enjoy life. Since we moved in together almost two years now, everything has changed. We are both working and paying the bills, he is a taxi operator and I am gas pump attendant.

We are not making loads of money, but our overheads are not really high either as it’s just the two of us…so I don’t see why we can’t have fun. When he comes home at nights he says he too tired to go back on the road and it’s the bear, settee and television!



Dear Frustrated,

Have a little patience with your man. After working all day transporting passengers, the last thing he probably feels like doing is going behind the wheel again and going out.

You haven’t stated if you can drive or you have a driver’s license, maybe if you are the one taking the wheel he would be more willing to go out.

Don’t you think you are a little too harsh on your partner? Having a cold beer, watching television after a hard days’ work is probably his way of de-stressing. Passing gas is a natural thing; I should think you do it too!

I think it’s time for you to take the focus off yourself and talk to your boyfriend, ask him about his day, and use your charm to ignite the sparks, you might even be surprised at his reaction.



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