Did Kartel scare off juror, after he approached her son in prison?

Word coming out of the Kartel appeal trial is that the Gaza boss during his trial where he was being held at the Horizon Remand Centre approached one of the juror’s son who was also locked up there. She alerted the judge and was later discharged from duty.

Jeremy Taylor, senior deputy director of public prosecutions, told the court on Monday that the juror had indicated that her son was in custody at the Horizon Adult Correctional Centre, the same facility where Kartel and his co-accused were being housed.

Based on “the looks exchanged” between the parties at the lock up according to the prosecutor the juror said she indicated that she had become fearful resulting in the trial Judge Justice Lennox Campbell, taking the decision to discharge her and indicated that he would announce in open court that she was being dismissed for personal reasons.

“The decision to discharge her was not opposed by anyone,” said the prosecutor pointing out that the judge was right in his decision as the ethical implications was real.