Drinking some fruit juices can be worse than drinking soda

Okay, so you are a health buff and avoid sodas like the plague! Your religiously buy your 100% fruit juices or better yet enjoy them freshly squeezed.

Well we have got news for you! First of all those 100% fruit juices are no better than drinking sodas! According to the Nutrition Watchdog contrary to popular thinking, juice, purchased from the store, is not far from a drink made of pure liquid sugar. And in truth, it’s not much better than drinking a soda.

“So, in spite of the fact that you or your children may be drinking a drink that says “100% pure fruit juice”, it may as well say “pure sugar”. So though you may have thought you were making a healthier choice over sodas or other processed drinks with added sugar, you may be drinking something equally as bad,” the article stated.

Fruit smoothies and freshly squeezed fruits have always been the method of choice for many healthy conscious buff, but some fruits carry a high level of fructose making it bad for you.

Among the fruits high in sugar content are apple, bananas, mangoes, cherries and grapes are such. Caution should be exercised especially if you are a diabetic.

However, there are some fruits which are low in sugar and if having naturally or squeezed can have a larger portion without worrying and these include strawberries, grapefruit, avocado and water melon.

In breaking down the consumption of some fruit juice, Nutrition Watchdog highlighted that when you drink a glass of juice, for example, a 12 oz glass of orange juice, you hit your system with a whopping 37 grams of sugar in the form of mostly fructose. And when you have a 12oz glass of apple juice, you are gulping down an astronomical 40g of sugar! A similar sized glass of grape juice–white or red–contains almost 60g of sugar! Equivalent to a can and a half of soda!

A lot of those new fat cells are stored in the liver, creating a fast track to fatty liver disease. The rest of those fat cells turn into triglycerides, one of the precursors for heart disease, and due to the release of insulin, many of these fat cells are quickly stored in various parts of the body—i.e., bellyfat, hips, thighs, etc.

Enjoy your fruit juices, but bear these things in mind.