Fans have fun making up names for Bolt’s baby

Ever since Usain Bolt and his girlfriend announced the exciting news of their soon to be ‘king or queen’ his fans are going crazy!

Yup, they are having fun getting all up in the couple’s coffee thinking up names, some even offering to be Instagram aunties and uncles. 

Oh yes, guess the couple out to feel special as the outpouring of love from social medial world is overwhelming.

Back to the names and you will get a kick out of all this after The Weekend Star threw out the question on what the name of the baby should be called, check out some of the answers.  

“Olympia Bolt if it’s a girl, Legend Bolt if it’s a boy,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

Another wrote in specifics “if it’s a boy, he should be named Usain St Leo Bolt Jr also known as ‘Baby Lightning’, and if it’s a girl, name her Ka’myaKaari Bolt, also known as ‘Skyler’.”

The majority believe the baby should be called ‘Lightning Bolt’, perfectly incorporating the sprint star’s unique surname.

“It has to be lightning … I would name him lightning,” some Facebook users commented.

On the other hand, some fans went for more eye-catching names, lobbying for the name Legend or Thunder especially if it’s a boy.

“Storm for girl and Thunder if it’s a boy … after all, the dad is lightning,” one user commented.

Some are hoping the baby’s name is linked somehow to the sport that made their dad famous, track and field.

“Sprinter, Track, Racesha, Winnel, Goldie, Bolton, anything that has to do with racing,” Facebook user Redds shared.

And then, there are those who have drifted from names that just sound good when paired with ‘Bolt,’ and began merging the first names of Usain and Kasi.

“Kasain Bolt … I’d give him or her whatever first name, the ‘Ka’ from Kasi and ‘Sain’ from Usain … it’s a unisex name,” suggested one social media commentator.