Five-year-old placed in storage closet at a school in Toronto

A five-year-old child was put in a storage closet as a form of discipline at the at Essex Jr. and Sr. Public School by a lunchroom supervisor.

The incident took place two weeks ago but was only recently reported to the school administrators by students. The incident was then reported to the police.

The Toronto District School Board has called the incident “troubling” and “completely unacceptable.”

In an interview with CityNews Toronto, the school board spokesperson Ryan Bird said the five-year-old was told by a lunchroom supervisor to stay inside a small unlocked storage closet, normally used to store toys, as a form of discipline.

“The Lunchroom Supervisor has been put on home assignment pending the outcome of an investigation. While we continue to investigate, the reported incident is very troubling and something that would be completely unacceptable,” this according to a statement from the school board.

The child who was disciplined admits to misbehaving but said she only wanted to warm up her pizza during lunch time.