Ford to launch his climate change plan Thursday

Within the next 24 hours, Ontarians will know what’s contained in the province’s new climate change plan.

Environment Minister Rod Phillips says Premier Doug Ford’s plan on climate change will be released on Thursday.

The Ford led government took power in June and has since promised to implement its own plan to tackle climate change.

The changes became necessary after the administration scrapped the previous Liberal regime’s cap and trade system.

“Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about how Ontario continues to do its part and how Ontario also prepares communities and families to deal with climate change,” Phillips said.

“But we will do so in a way that looks at the best options and that does not include, Mr. Speaker, a carbon tax or a cap and trade,” he added.

Ford has vowed to fight any move by the federal government to impose a carbon tax on provinces.

The province made close to $3 billion from cap and trade after the system was introduced by the Liberals last year.