Glory To God tells a powerful story of forgiveness

By Joan Wilson

When I first heard the song by Wayne Marshall – Glory To God I was hooked to say the least. I didn’t know the excitement and pleasure could be turned up any higher, but I was in for a wonderful surprise when I watched the music video for the song.

For the longest tine I have not seen a video that powerfully cement the message in a song the way Glory To God portrayal did.

The age old message of forgiveness was powerfully played out by a strong, rich cast of characters leaving viewers enthralled and totally caught up with the drama unfolding in the video.

The video so pulled on the emotions that tears were literally lurking behind the eye lids. Encompassing three strong story lines all culminating with the same theme that nothing is more powerful or life changing than the love of God and his ability to take a person beyond their anger and their need for revenge to see forgive those who have hurt you. The two fold effect of the video also shows that you are not too far in your despair or your situation that God cannot rescue you.

The video managed to do what some preachers fail to achieve … show the love of God and the what true forgiveness is in a way that the common man can grasp.

Kudos to Wayne Marshall and Jay Will and his team for a masterful production.

Definitely a five star ratings from us at The Caribbean Globe.