God rescued Marion Hall and crew from after plane door flew open

Wednesday Marion Hall and her band took a chartered flight to Anguilla over from St Martin and nearly losing her life in a mishap on the small aircraft.

“Before we even board the plane some of my band members were commenting on how small it was, they didn’t want to go on it,” she related in a Youtube interview.

She said she was uncomfortable abut the thought of flying on a small aircraft, it also reminded her about Aliyah’s crass from the Bahamas. 

In sharing her experience, Marion said there were issues with the door being closed until it was finally closed.

Marion said she felt uneasy in her spirit. After holding hands and praying she said they made a joke like ‘we going up, wi gone!” 

Marion said something in her spirit told her she shouldn’t end her prayer that way so she prayed again.

When the plane lifted and flew over the water she heard a ‘boom’ sound and one of her band members crying out ‘the door open you know!”