Is P Diddy engaged to Steve Harvey’s 22-year-old Daughter?

Fact or fiction? Rumour or truth? Whatever the case the internet is blowing up with rumours that Sean ‘O Diddy’ Combs is engaged to Steve Harvey’s 22-year-old daughter Lori.

What’s more Lori is said to look just like Diddy’s ex Kim Porter after she did a recent photo shoot. 

Lori did a recent modeling shoot for the clothing company Pretty Little Things, and she wore a white suit. It’s striking because Daddy’s ex Kim used to love wearing white, especially white suits.

And many on Twitter are suggesting that Lori resembles Kim in the pictures.

Kim Porter died last year, from pneumonia. Shortly after she passed, Diddy explained that she was the love of his life. And Diddy, the quintessential bachelor told fans that he wished that he would have married Kim.

Diddy is now allegedly dating step-daughter, Lori Harvey.