“It’s Like Winning The Lotto” says parent of student placed at Immaculate Conception High

Twelve year old Rhoanna Burnett will be attending the St. Andrew based Immaculate Conception High School in September

Since the results of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) were announced in June, a permanent smile has been etched on the face of Allison Nevers, knowing that her daughter, Rhoanna Burnett, will be attending the prestigious Immaculate Conception High School in St. Andrew come September.

Nevers, a single mother of five, who works as a janitor and part-time security guard at the St. Catherine-based St. John’s Primary School that her daughter attended, tells JIS News that Rhoanna’s accomplishment “is like wining the Lotto”.

“All now mi can’t stop smiling. It is like my happiest moment; like winning the Lotto – that is how I feel.

“It lifts my spirit. Every morning I wake up happy and give God thanks and keep smiling. I worked hard with her and what I didn’t understand, I went and found a teacher who could help and I kept pushing her,” she shares.

She expresses gratitude to the teachers at St. John’s Primary for working with her daughter.

Nevers, who has struggled financially to raise her children, says the success of her last child has been “the reward of my life”.

“God helped us through, and Him a guh help us through the next level,” she says.

Twelve-year-old Rhoanna, whose ambition is to become a medical doctor, told the government news agency that she is “happy and excited” to earn a place at Immaculate, which was her first-choice school.

She says her mother was the driving force behind her success.

“No matter how many times I made mistakes, she was always there pushing me and reminding me of values and things that I have to work towards,” she tells JIS News.

Meanwhile, Principal of St. John’s Primary School, Louise Clarke, said that Rhoanna, who is the outgoing deputy head girl, has always been a high academic performer, who is disciplined and respectful to others.

She says the Rhoanna balanced her studies with extracurricular activities, and was a member of the junior school’s challenge quiz team.

Clarke says Rhoanna is well known to all members of staff, as she spent a lot of time at school while her mother worked.

“She always had her books, always reading or watching educational programmes on her device,” she notes.