Jahmiel Releases new single ‘Better Tomorrow’

Known for his ability to connect with a generation that have been labeled as defiant, move to their own beat and risk-takers, Jahmiel has been labeled the ‘Voice of the Youth”. His delivery, which is usually positive, uplifting and motivational, gives the youths a vision and a sense of hope. In addition to his positive messages, his lyrical flow on uptempo ‘modern day rhythms’ allows his message to resonate with a younger generation on a global scale.

In his newly released single, titled ‘Better Tomorrow‘ produced by Lee Milla Productions, Jahmiel shares the sentiments so many can relate to about having those bad days and not feeling like yourself, yet giving the powerful instruction that we  must push through. The reason given by Jahmiel to push through those rough days is because there will be a ‘Better Tomorrow‘. The single, which gives you a up-tempo, cheerful sing a long vibe is being labelled as another anthem for the great man.

“I can see this single being sung by all ages, but most importantly, I can see this single becoming a staple for persons all over the world as a reminder that things will get better tomorrow. Dont give up on life, dont give up on yourself” says Shawnie Wyatt of Akron, Ohio.

“No Man is Perfect and we all know/

 And we all have days of feeling low/

But  I have faith that I hold on to /

Working Hard To see that Tomorrow — A Better Tomorrow.

Jahmiel returns to Europe for an exclusive performance at The Keep It Real Festival in Germany scheduled for Saturday August 11th.