Jamaica Government Investing in Modern Technology, Upgrading of Police Stations

Dr. Horace Chang

Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang, has reiterated the Government’s commitment to providing the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) with the necessary resources to boost crime fighting.

Speaking during a tour of police stations in Area Four on June 6, he said that significant investment is being made in the acquisition of modern technology and the upgrading of physical infrastructure.

He noted that the telecommunications centre has been totally refurbished “and is now providing good quality communications within the force, which is a prerequisite for successful policing.”

“What we are trying to do is to modernise the force”, he said, noting that cars are being equipped with computers, which will provide the police with ready access to data to assist crime-fighting while on patrol.

As it relates to the upgrading of the police stations, Dr. Chang said “if we take from 2017 when we started, we have done well over 100 stations.”

“Some are being done as we speak. There are about 25 stations that are still under repair,” he indicted.

In addition, he said that planning and land acquisition for the divisional and area headquarters in St. Catherine will be completed this year, but noted that construction could be delayed due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Similarly, Westmoreland is to get a divisional headquarters and we might be able to go to tender in the last quarter of the fiscal year. The autopsy suite, though not policing, is a crucial part of the security apparatus, and should begin this year,” he noted.

Additionally, Dr. Chang informed that the Government is looking at the construction of a new correctional facility, which he said, “will provide a modern space to put our prisoners, even those who are low risk.”

“What I expect is that we will have somewhere to comfortably hold well over 1,000 more like 2,000 individuals,” he said.