Jamaica Puts Students At The Centre Of Anti-Bullying Week Commemoration

Jamaica’s Education and Culture Ministry will be observing Anti-bullying week from Monday, October 15 to Friday, October 19.

Co-coordinator and School Counsellor, Jovan Cline said the week’s observance will begin with schools’ general assemblies focused on bullying and reciting the anti-bullying pledge.

Schools will conduct activities focusing on anti-bullying from Tuesday to Thursday.
These events include:

Door Decorating Contest

The rules for this competition are that, the door must be designed by the students and it must display the importance of treating others with respect at school and the Anti-Bullying colour most be utilised

Students will be awarded with classroom gift prizes and participation certificates.

Anti-Bullying – Anonymous Drop Box

The box is to be mounted in a designated area of the school and students must indicate their grade level and the incident

The box should be checked periodically.

Anti-Bullying Banner Competition

This contest is opened to primary and secondary schools and selected banners will be used in an Anti-Bullying Parade/Rally.

To participate in this contest, students must observe the following guidelines.

• Banners are to be no larger than 4X6 feet

• Designs must be clear and appropriate

• The banner should display the school’s name, logo or crest

• Banners must relate to anti-bullying and the theme

• Banners that are painted must be dry when turned in to the information desk

• No professional sign painter services may be used

• Banners cannot have been entered in any previous competitions

Deadline for submission of banner is October 17,2018

Anti-Bullying Video Competition

This is opened to both private and public schools.

Students are encouraged to be creative in addressing the question “Why does a person become bully?”

Videos will be sent to GIS to be posted on their Facebook page

The primary and secondary schools that receive the most likes will receive a prize