Jamaican dancer files lawsuit against Beyonce and Jay-Z

Leora Antoinette Stines

According to a report on CNN Entertainment Stines is accusing the couple of not giving credit for her contribution to their single “Black Effect.”

The suit is centered around the song “Black Effect” from the couple’s joint 2018 album, “Everything is Love.”

The CNN story highlights that 68-year-old Stines alleges that she was approached in Jamaica by the couple in March of 2018 to help obtain dancers for a video meant to promote their album and tour.

Stines, who uses the title “Dr.” in the lawsuit, said she supplied some dancers for the video and was also asked to speak about her thoughts on love in the video.

According to Stines, on the day she showed up to film the video she was told she “must sign” an agreement in order to participate.

When she enquired what the document was about, she was told it was just ‘standard’ that everyone had to sign. She was then told not to ‘worry, because the agreement was only going to be utilized so that her voice could be used in the Video.

The suit according to CNN went on to say that Stines was assured that the recording “would only be used in the video, which was said to be for promotional purposes.”

But when the album came out in June 2018, “To the shock, horror and chagrin of Dr. Stines, the Project featured the unauthorized exploitation of her vocals on a song known as “Black Effect” (the “Recording”).”

“This discovery left Dr. Stines feeling violated,” the suit states.

Stines’ voice is featured in the first minute of the “Black Effect” song.

She is seeking damages, legal fees, a portion of the publishing rights and a writer’s credit for the single.