Jamaica’s prisons have high incidents of HIV contractions

A Sunday Gleaner expose has revealed that the incidents of HIV contractions in Jamaica’s prisons are high.

Concern is now being raised on the alarming incidents of the  disease in the institutions. 

Questions are being asked if some prisoners are being subjected to rape, or are they engaging in sex there?

Well, the head of the correctional services in the country, Chairman of the federation that represents rank-and-file correctional officers Arlington Turner has emphatically denied that claim.

He is instead casting the blame of the sexually transmitted infections on the gay population incarcerated.

Jamaica’s prisons HIV rates had spiked, over the seven-year period from 2011-2018, by more than 100 per cent to 6.9 per cent, almost four times the national average. That statistic makes prisoners the third-most at-risk group for HIV, behind only gay men and transgenders.