Jenny Jenny comes under fire for interview with homosexual

Broadcaster Jenny Jenny sent Jamaican Twitter into overdrive on the weekend after she shared an impromptu interview with a homosexual she met at the gym.

In the video the man revealed he was gay, then Jenny proceeded to ask him if his parents knew and what they thought of it. She also wanted to know how he knew he was gay, as well as other pertinent questions.
The gay man who identified himself as Sekou came across engaging and comfortable with his lifestyle.

The question Twitterland took offence to was Jenny asking what she could do to ensure her child isn’t gay.

Many seemed to believe that Jenny Jenny came off as “rude and judgmental” and praised the man for answering her questions in a frank, open manner.

One particular user, @filodeen was irate, tweeting simply: “Jenny Jenny you is a (expletive deleted) eediat”.

Another fired a not-too-subtle diss: “I am so irritated. anyway, shoutout to Sekou for looking amazing and being the only person with sense in this video.”