Jubilation in Jamaica as Buju Banton returns home

The minute the video of was released of Buju Banton boarding a plane in the United States, Buju fans in Jamaica were on high alert.

Just when they thought nothing could top the joy of his being released one day early came the explosive possibility that he could actually be in Jamaica the same day!

Yesterday evening the airport was crowd with fans from all around as they waited hoping they could catch a glimpse of the Gargamel leaving the airport lounge…but that was not to be as he was escorted through a more private side exit and whisked away.

But that didn’t stop his music from blaring and fans from celebrating all expressing joy at his return.

His fans in the Red Hills area of Kingston were more fortunate as those in the vicinity of his studio got the opportunity to greet him. The Banton’s smile spoke volumes and yes, it was evident that there is no place like home for the deejay that the world is waiting to see on stage once again.