Kabaka Pyramid Speaks Via His New Single ‘Babylon Fallin’

Kabaka Pyramid
Kabaka Pyramid

Through the course of history, we’ve seen empires rise and fall over decades, centuries and even millennia. If it’s true that history repeats itself, then Kabaka Pyramid’s new single “BABYLON FALLIN” is a foreboding chant.

The current civil unrest due to police brutality and racial injustices, paired with a global pandemic have shone light on worldwide leaders triumphs and failures, while citizens of the world are clamoring for power.

Speaking on “BABYLON FALLIN”, the social-conscious singer-songwriter, producer, whose unique musical style blends the lyricism of Hip hop, with the energy and melody of Reggae and Dancehall explained the mindset of the forthright track. 

“The time is now for the people to take back control. The leader dem panicking because dem time running out and if dem no fix tings drastically everything ago bun down”

Produced by Island Wav for One Time Music and Kabaka Pyramid’s imprint label Bebble Rock Music, “BABYLON FALLIN” is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets distributed by Hapilos
Kevin Downswell and star-studded artiste line-up create “STRONGER Remix”

With Jamaicans still grappling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ) through their brand KFC Jamaica is delivering a message of hope, reassurance and positivity, through a blockbuster musical project featuring an array of some of Jamaica’s top musical talent.

Partnering with international gospel artiste Kevin Downswell alongside an ensemble of Jamaica’s finest artistes and producer Orrett “Bambino” Hart, the quick service giants have remixed Downswell’s popular gospel track “STRONGER”, to create the ultimate “feel good” anthem for the summer.

“We felt the opportunity existed for KFC Jamaica, a brand with a strong nationalistic footprint, to align with a message of positivity and to evoke the feeling of strength, resilience and survival among our people,” shared Andrei Roper, Brand Manager for KFC Jamaica.  “Kevin Downswell’s “STRONGER” couldn’t have been a more perfect song for this purpose. It’s already loved by so many and the new elements, brought out in the remix, create an even more unique feel-good message of hope,” he added.

The new track, with additional verses penned by Bambino has been beautifully adapted to include violin accompaniment by Jessica Yap and lyrics from some of Jamaica’s top artistes, namely Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Christopher Martin, Richie Stephens, Tessanne Chin, Wayne Marshall, Kemar Highcon, Singer J, Ikaya and Sherieta Lewis, giving it a truly wholesome and unifying feeling that KFC Jamaica and Jamaica – together, will be STRONGER.

Speaking on the remake of his track was Kevin Downswell, who also recently released the music video for his smash hit single “CARRY ME” which has been doing extremely well on YouTube, highlighted that, “The era or season that we’re in is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. People are struggling and dealing with so much in their private quarters, in many different aspects of their lives. This song has been one of those songs that I believe found a way to connect with many different people across different aspects of life. I felt like it would be perfect to rehash, remix and reintroduce “STRONGER” to bring some more hope when we all need it so much.”

Another special element of the remix comes with the music video for the song shot and directed by award-winning director Storm Saulter. Wanting to perfectly represent imagery of positive post-COVID-19 life the director tried to bring elements of “outside”, “inside” with uplifting shots of the Jamaican landscape projected behind each artiste as they belted their lines.

“This is a song with so many great artistes and icons and it’s all about empowering Jamaicans; how we can all step forward into this new world with confidence,” shared Saulter who’s latest film Sprinter is now streaming on Netflix. “For me, this collab is a story about Jamaica. I wanted to show the beauty of Jamaica within this time, where we can’t move about and be as we would like. So we decided to use captured images and brought them inside as a way to comment on us being inside and social distancing while thinking about outside and the future. That’s the world we’re playing in.” Saulter pointed out.