Lessons Blacks need to learn from the Chinese

By Joan Wilson

The Chinese must be the most cursed people next to the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Blacks especially love to blame ‘Mr Chin’ for invading their turfs and taking away their businesses.

Chinese products are hot commodities, be it false hair, phones, gadgets and other stuff, the price is competitive … well cheap rather, compared to the astronomical amount charged by their competitors.

The more Chinese products sell – the more they are cursed and of course let us not forget the US trade war as the Trump administration has accused China of unfair business practices.

Taking it closer to the Caribbean and zoom in on Jamaica, where many are upset as they say the top construction jobs are going to the Chinese.

But this is not much of a surprise when we look at things from an unbiased perspective – they deliver on time, they don’t try to cut corners, and they generally deliver a decent job which won’t have to be done in another few years.

If their businesses keep growing and expanding, then perhaps we should be taking a closer look at their modus operandi. Something to consider is the fact that if they are relocating or quitting, they ensure another of their nationality is placed in the spot – be it a shop or whatever venture they are in.

Blacks with their crab in a barrel mentality try to pull you down or try to have the upper hand. Instead of helping their fellow blacks to build their businesses, they will take delight in seeing them fall apart.

Caribbean government can learn a thing or two by studying China’s module and it will show that they are keen on education.

China’s business development module is divine and it is not surprising that businesses are booming there, compare it with the many red tapes and bureaucracy involved with doing business in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean.

Curse them all you want, but at the end of the day, they mean business, take it seriously and deliver first class work. Sadly a lot of our local contractors can’t be trusted to carry out the work they (Chinese) do. The shoddy finish, money running out before the job is completed and other headaches is enough to ensure the Chinese have no real competition when bidding for contracts.