‘Loving the Vibes’ with Fancy D

Fancy D’s latest single an ode to his love affair with reggae music entitled Love the Vibes is his attempt to capture the different aspects of the reggae/dancehall experience. 

He does justice as he chants love the vibes, love the vibes give me reggae music every time! 

The song said Fancy D came about as a result of his need to challenge himself to express the combination of feel-good vibe with original flavor for him it is all about spreading love and happiness. 

Recorded on his own label Zenith Zone, it was released on April 12, and is being distributed by Zojak International. 

Fancy D born Donovan Nelson expressed his passion for the business and he does not hesitate in stating the direction he wants to see it go.

“As artistes, we need to put more effort in preparing music for international audiences as well as seek to improve in our creative marketing strategies,” he said adding the days are gone when you just go into the studio ‘do a thing’ and unleash it on the public. 

Taking it closer to home Fancy D said music is an empowering process and he intends to play an integral role in the process.

“I intend to be an integral part of the movement to take Reggae music to the next level,” is the promise Fancy D is making as he said he will be maintaining the high standards both local and international audiences

Looking ahead Fancy D is putting the final touches on the video for Level the Vibes single as well as working on more singles.

He is also laying tracks for an album one he said is aimed at pleasing everyone.

“It will have a little of everything, inspirational, feel-good vibes, lovers rock… music lovers taste are diverse and so will be the tracks on the album,” he said on the upcoming project.