Mackerel mother responds

It seems like déjà vu as social media sensation Mackerel and her mother gives conflicting stories. Mackerel was interviewed Onstage and enjoyed front page coverage in Sunday’s Observer talking about her story of not getting enough love and why she was bad.

Her mother has now come out and flatly denied it all saying she gave her blind daughter love, sacrificed for her and ensured she was taken care of.

“This girl is going around and telling people her mother was not there for her, from she was born I never left her with anyone, with anybody until 2009 when I asked my friend to look after her,” she said.

Her mother said she left her in 2011 go to the States to study. 

Mackerel’s mother a victim herself as she said her husband (Mackerel’s father) used to beat her and she made the decision to take her child and run.

Honestly, we will just let watch it all for yourselves…check out the video below.