More questions raised about whether Tupac is dead or alive


It’s been nearly 25 years since infamous rapper Tupac Shakur was gunned down on his way to boxing match in Las Vegas. Such was the impact of the event that conspiracy theories continue to circulate that the rapper orchestrated his own death and is in fact alive and well.

Film maker Rick Boss, a local film maker, is currently working on a film that challenges the events of that night. Boss claims that Las Vegas should not be known as the place that Tupac died , but rather as the place from which he staged his great escape.

Official reports state that after being shot, rap icon Tupac Shakur, was taken to UMC in Vegas where he died six days later , but local filmmaker Rick Boss has an alternate ending for us.

Boss’ movie sees Tupac actually escaping the University Medical Center in Vegas and relocating to New Mexico where he received protection from the Navajo tribe . Boss claims that when the rapper arrived in Las Vegas for fight night, he was informed of a planned hit on him, that’s when the escape plan came into play; from planting a double in Suge Knight’s BMW to a dramatic aerial exit.

Boss states “that when the FBI are looking for someone, the first thing they’re gonna do is block the airport so you can’t travel through usual routes; the best way to escape is through private helicopter to another state. FBI agents can’t go on tribal land without the tribal councils permission”. Boss goes on to tell us that the Navajo land in New Mexico would have been the perfect hideout to allow the iconic Rapper to go undetected.

Many may dismiss the premise of the new movie as fiction , however Boss claims that the information for the script came from people Tupac’s family and circles ; ” You can write a fiction , you can write a feature story , but this is based on facts….I know G-money and Snoop Dogg who collaborated with Tupac, my Father knew Tupac’s mom from involvement in the Black Panther Party”.

Boss says that ultimately he wants Tupac fans to see the movie and decide for themselves. The actor who plays Tupac, Richard Garcia, says that he believes the rap legend did die in Las Vegas in 1996 at the age of 25 but his legacy is still very much alive …. he’s gone but he lives on.