Muhammad Ali’s son claims he’s penniless

Muhammad Ali in action.

Muhammad Ali’s sole biological son has made a shocking claim that he is surviving on less than £6 a day and is forced to do odd jobs to make ends meet, this according to a story in the Daily Mail.

The late boxer’s son is expected to inherit £4million after following his father’s death in two years ago.

However according to the report all he is receiving from the estate is a small allowance. Guess there will be no big shopping for Christmas for him.

Ali Junior claimed the Muhammad Ali Estate gives him only $1,000 a month– about £560 for rent and a further £240.

“I miss my kids so much. My wife said I abandoned them and got mil­­lions, which was wrong. Even though I earn next to nothing, I’d love to send money back home for the kids or be able to afford a flight to Chicago. It makes me feel like crap but I deal with it. What else can I do?” Junior was quoted as saying.