Nasshon ‘Lovely’ Thompson a woman on a mission

Nasshon Thompson is all about business and forging ahead through her thriving enterprise Lovely’s Boutique & Beauty Supply at 2068 Main St Bridgeport CT.

Thompson who hails from St Catherine in Jamaica brings a wealth of experience garnered from the days of her mother working as a seamstress. She was fascinated by the many creations and designs her mother came up with and so it isn’t surprising that she now has a business that centers around fashion.

After migrating to Queens, New York, it didn’t take Thompson long to open her first boutique and beauty store on Jamaica Avenue. She pushed her dream further by taking on interior decorating and everything in the fashion field as she says her love of fashion never ends. 

“I decided to try something different, started working in with the mentally challenged population, then started to pursue a career in nursing. I did a few jobs in the nursing field, supervisor to coordinator for a home care agency, I realized that my passion for business was growing,” said Thompson.

It was no surprise when she went back to where she started off – business. 

“I started a home care agency and went from there along with closing and reopening my boutique in a smaller space. I finally decided after living in New York for many years, I wanted to venture other places and things,” she told The Caribbean Globe. 

Bridgeport was the place of choice as she wanted to remain close to New York. 

After settling six months in Bridgeport, she decided she wanted to relocate the store there, as she felt her unique sense of style would do well in that location. 

She has since expanded from clothing and hair to a wide array of accessories, jewelry, handbag and other things.

As she embarks on her second year anniversary as fate would have At “Lovely’s Boutique & Beauty Supply” those from Jamaica can come expecting to see outfits and accessories made by herself or her talented daughter Nasshard – all ready to celebrate to country’s upcoming Independence celebrations. 

Keeping up to the times, Thompson has a service that is unique, customers can schedule a ‘tour’ of the store which she facilitates through video chat and if they like something, they can order, pay and it will be shipped to them.

In addition to the Boutique, Thompson also runs a health care agency in New York.

July 27 Thompson will celebrate their second anniversary with a live Radio Broadcast and a customer appreciation which will see deals of the day. 

The following day, July 28, Thompson will host the grand opening of their brand new bigger and better location.