Nationals and Non-Nationals Require Authorization Document to Travel to Jamaica

As of June 15, both nationals and non- nationals will require a travel authorization document in order to travel to Jamaica, under the new controlled entry programme.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement during a virtual press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister Media Centre on Friday (June 12).

Outlining how the new protocol will work, Holness said two different portals for entry application have been set up on and on

“Residents of Jamaica, being both nationals and non-nationals, who are ordinarily resident in Jamaica should apply to obtain a travel authorization document on,” he said.

“This includes non-nationals who live here, as I’ve said before, as a result of owning a work permit, marriage or being dependents of Jamaican nationals or just living here over an extended period,” Holness added.

Non-residents, on the other hand, who are visiting Jamaica for tourism or business, should apply on

“The application process is the same, but the information requirements are slightly different. For example, for non-resident, the information for home quarantine assessment would not be required at this stage, as persons travelling for tourism will be staying at hotels or resorts defined in a resilient corridor under a stay -in-zone order,” Holness said.

At the same time, he informed the briefing that a travel authorization document is not required to book a flight to Jamaica.

“It is, however, a requirement for check-in, and boarding and the airlines will not allow passengers to board without travel authorization,” the PM noted.