NCB Cautions Consumers About Point Of Sale Scam

Jamaicans are being urged to exercise caution when using their credit and debit cards at point of sale (POS) machines. The country’s leading financial institution, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) says customers should take precautionary measures to protect their accounts in light of a new scam targeting POS machines. NCB says criminals have been stealing the machines, tampering with them and then returning them to their original or different merchant locations, in an effort to capture cardholders’ information. It says there are ways customers can protect their credit and debit card accounts. These include being vigilant while using cards; always using a card with the Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) chip and using their PIN if they have one. Customers are also urged to note the date, time and location if a cashier swipes in one machine and then another, and report it to 888-NCB-FIRST and monitor their account and immediately report any suspicious activity.