No spectators for Guyana sporting events

Dr. Frank Anthony

Cricket has been granted limited provisions for upcoming competitions, but in keeping with the COVID-19 safety measures, the matches will be played without spectators.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony made this disclosure during his daily COVID-19 update with DPI on Wednesday.

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has rolled out its return to regular cricket activities, including its National Over 40 Competition (Big Man Cricket Tournament) scheduled for November 22 – December 8.

“We have granted permission for cricket matches, but without spectators and along with this permission, bars at these events must be closed,” Dr. Anthony said.

If the provisions are breached, the event will be shut down immediately.

“We are very serious because these events, if not managed properly, can become super spreaders, where a lot of people congregate, get infected and spread the disease,” the Health Minister said.

He also explained that the Ministry is working closely with various sport organisations to ensure rules are in place to minimise exposure to the disease.

The Minister also revealed that the Guyana Golf Association has requested permission to host competitions, and given the nature of the sport, its reopening is possible.

Meanwhile, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr. has said he supports the guidelines outlined for cricket.

“The Task Force is the one that gives guidance and their position and the Government’s position, given the last guidelines that we had, were that certain sport events are allowable, and the condition the Task Force has outlined is one where it’s not for spectators,” Minister Ramson said during an interview on Kaieteur Radio Friday evening.

Security teams will be tasked with doing random checks to ensure sport events are complying with the provisions.

The GCB’s 40 and over event will be followed by the Hand-In-Hand Under 19 Inter-Country Three-Day Competition and One Day 50 Overs Tournaments.