Officer who shot and killed St. Lucian native fired

Dallas Police officer Amber Guyger was fired Monday, weeks after she shot and killed an unarmed black man in his apartment.

Guyger claims she mistook 26 year old Botham Jean’s apartment for her own.

30 year old Guyger has been charged with manslaughter, although the Dallas district attorney has not ruled out more serious charges.

Dallas Police Chief U Renee Hall says the officer had been dismissed after nearly five years on the job for her actions on the night of the shooting.

He says Guyger had engaged in “adverse conduct” when she was arrested for manslaughter, without elaborating.

Guyger had been on administrative leave since fatally shooting the St. Lucian native.

According to Guyger’s account, she didn’t realize she had gotten out on the wrong floor when she arrived home to the South Side Flats apartment building on the night of September 06.

She says she didn’t realize that the apartment she entered was not hers and when she saw a “large silhouette” in the dark apartment, she said she thought she was being burglarized. So she shot, hitting Jean in the chest, only realizing her her mistake after she turned on the lights in the apartment.

But Jean’s family and other tenants in the building continue to dispute Guyger’s claim, arguing that her story doesn’t add up. They say she should have noticed details alerting her to being in the wrong apartment, like the apartment number and a red doormat outside Jean’s door.

Official documents in the case have also sparked confusion, due to a September 7 arrest warrant and September 9 arrest affidavit having very different accounts of the shooting.