One Night Attention Is It Worth It?

By Joan Wilson
The Caribbean Globe Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and some women were privy to elaborate gifts from their ‘boos’ the one who has their hearts fluttering…but did it make up for everything?

For all those whose relationships are still like an unending honeymoon, more power to them … but for those who are the target of this article was it worth it?

364 days of the year he treats you with scant disregard, gives little or no consideration to your feelings and not to mention the countless nights you have to pull your pillows a little closer to make up for that large space in the bed where his body should be.

But one day of the year, he gives in to the guilty conscience and tries to make up for the days when you would love to see the few hours of attention he deigns to bestow.

Step back and assess what you really have and stop selling yourselves short. It’s time to demand more from any relationship you are in. If you do not put a price on yourself, then your value will continue to be undersold.

To many times women make the mistake of wanting men to validate them and with it comes the trap of settling for mediocrity in a relationship.

There is nothing wrong with going it alone until you have found the one who truly deserves you. It means turning a blind eye and deaf ears to the pressure that comes from friends, or those who believe being single is not cool.

Karyn White says its best when she sang “I’d rather be alone than unhappy” and there is no better way to conclude than to say … if he’s cool, caring and makes all the right moves … not just one day out of the year – go for it … if not follow the words of the song!