‘People in Guyana need to work together’ – SBB head

Dr. Lowell Porter, Chief Executive Officer of the Small Business Bureau (SBB) today commended residents and members of the Kuru Kururu Small Business Association for taking a step in the right direction to enhance the potential of small businesses in their community.

Delivering the feature address to declare open the first-ever Small Business Expo in the community, Doctor Porter said, “it is extremely important that we work together.

Business people out there are willing to help small businesses…if we can intervene as a government and put our weight behind you, we will; because we know the struggles of small businesses and we also know the potential of small businesses. And without having vibrant, robust, successful small businesses in any country, development will never come……look around the United States, the United Kingdom forty to fifty percent of GDP comes from small businesses” he said.

The SBB head also encouraged small business owners to collaborate with each other to achieve increased capacity and market share.

“People in Guyana need to work together … If you want to move forward you are going to have to have people helping you,” Porter explained.

Meanwhile, Attorney-at-law James Bond, delivering brief remarks on behalf of Minister of Health, Volda Lawrence, encouraged the participants and members of the Kuru Kururu Small Business Association to embrace the spirit of small business and cooperativism since “our country was founded on the local or village economy. That is the backbone, the bedrock of whatever we do in this country. If you look at where rice is, or sugar is or farming, agriculture and everything that is sustainable in Guyana started from something small. Something just like this….”

Bond noted that support from the community is needed now more than ever “… let us embrace the local village economy and don’t forget the soil when you think about oil,” he said.

The Kuru Kururu Small Business Association was formed in May of this year and is chaired by Sasha Morrison.