Port Rhoades Sports Club ready to resume international cricket, expand outreach

The Port Rhoades Sports Club (former Kaiser Sports Club) in Discovery Bay is making its presence felt as a major and well equipped sports venue.

This according to Kent Skyers, Noranda Bauxite’s Public Relations Superintendent, following the successful hosting of the SDC all-island 20/20 cricket final held at the club on Sunday August 26.

The match attracted some 4,000 spectators who were adequately accommodated in the alumina stands, the spacious grounds, and ample car park that can hold over 300 vehicles.

With the first match for 3rd and 4th place between Portland and Kingston washed out, the crowd drained all the excitement and drama from the finals, with Clarendon’s Race Course CCeventually gaining an action packed and comfortable victory over Westmoreland’s Petersfield.

The Port Rhoades Club is interested in returning the venue as a Jamaica Cricket venue, recalling that it has hosted many international matches with guaranteed maximum spectator support from rural fans in the region.

“We estimate a capacity of 5,000 persons and have exceeded that number for international cricket and National Push Cart Derby crowds of the past”, says Skyers.

Skyers is also putting forward the club as an opportunity for social mixing, with increasing requests for Fun Days, athletics, football, conferences and tourism attractions such as the daily Showkart festival based on the pushcart, bobsled and Cool Runnings connection.

The JHTA he points out had their first meeting out of Ocho Rios and Runaway Bay at the Club in April and gave the venue a thumbs-up for similar meetings.

The Club, with comfortable indoors and outdoors, sports fields, conference room, netball courts, gymnasium and large parking space, is the home ground for St. Ann cricket, north-eastern JAAA championships, employee and community sports competitions, JAS, church groups, children organizations and community groups.