Razor B bats for Fathers with new single

Jamaican Canadian dancehall recording artiste Razor B is pleading with mothers in his new single ‘Baby Mama Drama’ released on Father’s Day.

 The single, which talks about baby mothers who use their children as pawns to punish the fathers, is motivated by Razor B’s own experience and what he believes is a reality in Jamaican society today.
“I have personally been fighting to be a part of my own son’s life over the last two years and it has been difficult. When a woman is hurt she can become vindictive and the child is the one who suffers in the long run,” Razor B explained. 

While the artiste believes there are dead beat dads out there who don’t play their roll and that there are also some mothers forced to raise kids on their own; Razor has seen in a lot of cases that baby mothers restrict access to many fathers simply because they have that power.
 “I think this issue is more wide spread than we want to admit and that’s shameful. Too many kids growing up without their dads and it does not need to be that way. Once a dad wants to be in his child’s life he should be allowed to provide financial and emotional support to his children,” Razor added. 

‘Baby Mama Drama” being released on Father’s Day is strategic for Razor B as well; he believes that the topic is a social and moral issue that needs to be addressed on a larger platform on a day when fathers are in the spotlight.

Razor B hopes the Baby Mama Drama single will inspire conversations that will make change happen even in the court system which he believes is bias to mothers. The artiste also wants to implore mothers to put the children first when dealing with their child’s father.

“If things don’t work out between you and the father don’t use the child to fight, find a way to get along and give the fathers who want to raise their kids a chance. Not just for money but for all the things a child needs; love. time spent together, talks, hugs, and discipline,” Razor urged.

Produced as a combined effort with Shotty Shane productions, Slym Black Ops music and Echo 1 production the track will be available for Digital distribution in a matter of days, ‘Baby Mama Drama’ should have full visuals by July 1st.