RINJ: Canada Should Release Sabrina Meng Wanzhou

The RINJ Foundation Women, a Canadian-based Civil Society women’s group is urging Canada not to be duped by an American ploy to attack the women cherished by its enemy in its Cold War on China.

At America’s request, Canada arrested the daughter of Ren Zhengfei on 1 December. He is the founder of Huawei Technologies, the Smartphone maker. He is also a former military officer and member of the Beijing governing elite, says RINJ‘s Melissa Hemingway.

Arresting a woman because she is the daughter of a Chinese man the USA is targeting for political reasons should not be Canada’s role in Donald Trump’s bid for a diversion to avoid impeachment in January.  She faces a hearing on the morning of 7 December in a Vancouver courtroom.

The RINJ Foundation has surged the Canadian government not to attack the cherished women of America’s enemies.