Rise up Blacks and show that Black Lives Do Matter

By Joan Wilson

Watching the video where the police officer had his foot in George Floyd’s neck was heartrending. It was the same for others who are now protesting and calling for justice.

Many blacks are using the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ as they hit out against this terrible crime committed against one of their own.

However, I must push the handle on this and ask if black lives really matter to Blacks. I am of the opinion that some of these atrocities could have been eliminated a long time ago if we had genuine unity amongst our own.

Whatever happened to “all for one, one for all”. I am not advocating an eye for an eye mentality here, I am pushing for blacks to stand together – spend their money with their own, strengthen their own instead of financially empowering the very people who are oppressing and killing them.

How many stories are out there on black going to restaurants or stores and even using banks where they have been discriminated against … why do they feel the need to go where they are not wanted and financially empower the racist?

Couldn’t they have supported a brother or a sister’s business and see them being able to employ even more of their own?

If black lives matter then it’s time to start investing in education for your children, make the sacrifices that more of them can join the police force and be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

More of our men should step up and stop dealing drugs and instead be mentors to the young ones, steering them in the right direction, prevent the prisons from being populated with our own.

The only way blacks will stop being brutally killed by these racist police is if the whole community unite in the fight. There are some great loving and caring whites and other nationalities out there, this article is not targeted at them – it is meant for the racist who continue to wreak havoc and think they can get away with it.

It is time to fight back, enough is enough, blacks rise up, invest in yourselves and your people and show that BLACK LIVES REALLY DO MATTER!