Rockaz Elements Team Up with International Producer Berta Records for New Single

Known for their unique nonconventional reggae sound, Rockaz Elements has teamed up with international producer Berta Records Production once again. This time they creates a song titled ‘Love on the Third Floor”, which has a sound that will appeal to any radio station and music lovers around the world – a love song, not only with a pulsating rhythm, but also the lyrics to complement it.

“When my love takes over you

You’ll be awake while sheets cover you

And when the sun rise where your moon hides

Stuck to your soul till your pores pour 

Love on the Third Floor”

‘Love on The Third Floor’, showcase another side of Rockaz Elements, which their fans have grown to appreciate, as a multi-talented band of musical brothers with no limits.

Making a conscious effort never to box themselves in nor sounding a specific way, Rockaz Elements does not create just one type of music. ‘Love on the Third Floor’ was a heartfelt creative experiment with some life experiences thrown in it as well. The instrumental created by Berta Records was definitely the catalyst to the creative feel and sound these three young men laid down on this track.

“In all truth it was just another one of our random heart felt creative experiments which somewhat, contained life experiences” said Rockaz Elements on their new single.

Currently receiving spins on international radio, ‘Love on the Third Floor’ is definitely a single, which will cement Rockaz Elements and Berta Records musical chemistry.

“It was approximately a year ago with the track titled “No Get Away” on the Season Change Riddim project, which was a fun experience recording at the “Anointed” studios, it was great working “Bugle” & others. Massive shout outs to “Berta Records” for his awesome instrumentals & being such a musically enthusiastic soul.”