Saint Lucia prepares to reopen borders

In the coming week Saint Lucia will reopen its national borders to nationals and visitors. In anticipation of this, a range of protocols have been put in place at the hotel and tourism sector to mitigate any potential risk of transmission of COVID-19.

On Friday, May 29 a total of 47 COVID-19 test results were received with all the results in this batch being negative. This is now 26 consecutive days that Saint Lucia continues to record no newly confirmed cases of the virus.

This week the testing strategy has been modified to target frontline workers given the elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19. Thus far, all of these individuals have tested negative.

The Ministry of Health reminds every individual who has been diagnosed with a chronic condition to proactively manage their health. Do ensure that medications are taken as prescribed and there is an adequate supply to avoid missing a dosage.