Seven questions with … Cali P

Welcome to a brand new feature on The Caribbean Globe where every Thursday we give you an insight an interesting personality. We start it off with recording artiste Cali P.

Pierre Nanon aka Cali P was born in Guadeloupe and he is known for songs such as Jah Rule The World, Fiore Burning and Like a Lion.

1. What do you wish you had the courage to do a long time ago?

I really love this question and I have to say because of not wanting to have regrets towards myself, I always do what I feel in that very moment and just learn from that. Anything I put my mind to I step to.

2. Looking back what has been the best lesson you have ever learnt?

Musically I learned there is no fix formula for our art. It’s energies that we transmit. I learnt that patience and love for your music is one of the most essential keys.

3. What’s your favourite song and why?

I have a lot of favorite songs to be true. Sometimes I have a favourite song for one day. But then there are songs that just take me down memory lane. Today when writing this my favourite song is BADDEST. It’s my song that has been released just now and it’s been playing all day. It’s my today’s favourite. It’s freshhh!


4. What piece of the past would you like to keep?

What I keep from the past is most precious memories. Everything that builds me to this day. My mother keeps all my albums and singles and my dad collects all my concert posters from all round the world.

5. Your biggest influence

MY biggest influence is life itself. With all the things happening in the world, everyday life is my influence.

6. Did you ever have a secret crush … fess up!

Yes definitely. But I only kept it secret for two days then I had to show her the vibes.

7. If I could live my life again ……

I will be living it the way I am still living right now. Giving thanks for life.