Seven Questions with … Fancy D

Donovan Fancy D Nelson hails from the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica. He has always been an avid lover of music and as a boy would often perform at church along with his brothers. They occasionally wrote lyrics to little tunes as they played along. His interest in Reggae music grew rapidly in the era where prolific hit makers like Freddie Mcgregor, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs and a host of other stars ruled the airways. It was after falling in love with the BIG SHIP album from Freddie Mcgregor, that he started positive work on developing the skill of song writing. 

Presently Fancy D has two cover versions out SWEET CAROLINE by NEIL DIAMOND and ONE MOMENT IN TIME BY WHITNEY HUSTON which he enjoys listening to. 

1. What do you wish you had the courage to do a long time ago?

Be more aggressive in going after MY goals and not allow myself to be distracted.

2. Looking back what has been the best lesson you have ever learnt?

Grab opportunities when they are presented and necessarily waiting on perfection which may never come.

3. What’s your favourite song and why?

Big Ship. Smooth and steady melodies and clarity of presentation which motivated me to be a part of something spectacular.

4. What piece of the past would you like to keep?

The loving interactions with family and friends and wish I had more time with them.

5. Your biggest influence

Freddie McGregor. Respectful, style and skill of presentation and humble personality.

6. Did you ever have a secret crush … fess up!

Secret crush? Definitely. Uniqueness!

7. If I could live my life again …

Use time more wisely. Be more discerning of fake associations.