Seven questions with … Tha Vor

Jamaica born, Canada-based hip hop artistes Tha Vor is set to take the music world by storm.

Born Patrick Edwards he infuses his Rastafarian roots along with  his experiences in Toronto to create a fusion of reggae and hip-hop music. Inspired by some of history’s most powerful musical voices: Nas, 2Pac, Bob Marley and other like-minded individuals, Tha Vor is committed to making music that both educates and enlightens. 

What do you wish you had the courage to do a long time ago?

Start a recording label and a business. 

Looking back what has been the best lesson you have ever learnt?

Best lesson I have ever learnt relate to all avenues of life. I have learnt in this industry is that you do not put your destiny in anyone’s else’s hand but your own. As Jay Z once said “own your masters or your masters will own you”

What’s your favourite song and why?

I have a few songs that I love to hear but the one that sometimes plays in the back of my mind especially when I look at the struggles we  face in life are  the words to a song by Dionne Warwick called “That’s what friends are for” as the words say “keep smiling, keep shining Knowing you can always count on me, for sure, that’s what friends are for.”

As I Listen  to those words I feel the most high speaking to us in our times of trouble and also the relationship one should strive to have with the creator as Abraham was said to be a friend of God. 

What piece of the past would you like to keep?

The face to face conversations the phone calls instead of texting and the time when water was so free and clean we could drink from a stream or river. 

Your biggest influence?

Emperor Haile Selassie the 1st

Did you ever have a secret crush … fess up!

Yes I did. A girl name Lisa, my classmate. When I first came to Canada she would help me out, she was a good friend. I always liked her for that. 

If you could live my life again…

If I could live my life again ? Well I never thought about it I always felt I came here for a reason and my focus as always been on my mission or goals and what I’m here to do now …I have never contemplated on that thought, but to try to answer your question I would limit the mistakes I made this life.